Open your mind and soul, express your own unique personal style and flair when you sport a Puzzled Peace Hat of Micah d’s to wear.  Now you can express yourself with a style all of your own by purchasing one (or more) of these hand painted, wearable works of art.  You can rest assured that like you, no two are alike.  Each hat is created individually and includes palate brilliant hand mixed colors and rich textures and themes for you to choose from.  

Take advantage of this on any purchase made before January 1st.  Look for the promo code in the shopping cart and put in - dec25 - and you will receive the discount.  A perfect discount to allow you the savings to purchase one hat for youself and one hat for a special friend. 

Creative Caps for Cosmic Cats & Kittens Too!

ONE OF A KIND hand painted hats, hemp/yarn & thread-stitched on fabrics
with recycled buttons, stones & gems.....